Friday, April 20, 2012

420 Special Podcast

Enjoy !

"Stoned out of my Mind" - John Holt
"Jamaican Colley Version" - Linval Thompson
"Marihuana" - Johnny Osbourne
"Smoke Marihuana" - Sizzla
"Stick a Bush" - The Gladiators
"Man Plus Dub" - Cornell Campbell
"Tribulation Dub" - Don Carlos
"Police in Helicopter" - John Holt
"Herbal Meditation" - Ooklah the Moc
"Jamaican Colley" - I Roy
"Red Boat Opera" - 10 Ft. Ganjah Plant
"Collie Herb Man" - Katchafire
"Legalize It" - Peter Tosh

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dejate Dubiar

Let's get a head-start on this 420 weekend !

Here's "Dejate Dubiar," yet another Dub Side from ISLA

Enjoy it !

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Friday !

Here's another video from our last show at The Shrine.

Camera is a lil shaky, but you can still listen to this VERY new song written by our drummer Lucas Leto.
Song still doesn't have a title so maybe you can suggest him a title for the song !

Check it out :

Have a great friday and a rockin' weekend

el pueblo

heheheh ... a lil' post rehearsal rambling