Friday, March 23, 2012

First Show of 2012 !

Saturday, March 31st at The Shrine will be our first show of 2012, and we are super excited !

We've been putting a lot of work in preparing for this show, though perhaps "work" is not the right word since we've been having a blast.
Our sound has greatly improved and we seem to just keep getting tighter and tighter which is interesting because the tighter you get as a band the more loose and relaxed the music seems because everybody is so comfortable with having the song be free enough to go to different places and explore more dynamics.
(Sounds a lil' nerdy but it's true)

Another great thing about our next show at The Shrine is that its going to be a "triple reggae bill." The Hard Times will be kicking off the night, then yours truly El Pueblo, and last but not least we cap the night with Roots Vibrations.

We really look forward to seeing you guys come through ...oh ! and its free !!!  (gotta love the Shrine)

See you sat 31st !

much luv