Sunday, January 29, 2012

What's the story ... Bronx Summer

Should I start by saying that I don't remember writing this song?  Probably not, but yes; I have bad memory and,, I don't remember actually writing it, but I do remember for a while wanting to do a nice mix of Reggae and Latin (I'm pretty sure its not the first time).
The idea behind Bronx Summer is basically Fun; just like summers in the Bx !
(I happen to be from the Bx)
The song has 3 sections and it has a cool piano line that combines a little tumbao with a common reggae riff.

We'll be releasing a studio version of this track very soon and I gotta say that Marcello really killed it with his tumbao.  He plays the line above but then right before the solos he drops a timba-influenced  tumbao that I could have never written.
Thats the cool thing about writing music for El Pueblo; you bring an idea on paper and the band pretty much arranges it and it always sounds better that what was on paper.
The band brings life to it.

...and that's the story to Bronx Summer !

I actually remember having great Bronx Summers in this pool. Mullally Pool, right across from the new Yankee Stadium.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy friday video !!!

Wishing you all a super Happy Friday on this first Friday of 2012.
Enjoy this live video of the great Israel Vibrations with Roots Radics  (one of our favorites !!)

much luv !